Christy Ann Brown

Red Square – Movement Research from ChristyAnn Brown on Vimeo.

Red Square
mediums: dance | video | window installation

A surveillance camera and monitor is positioned to pick up feet walking over a 5’x 5’ft. taped red square on the sidewalk.

Beside it is a raw television monitor showing elegant dance footage of “red square” which was performed in New York city. In this footage,the choreographed movement is
of a dancer taping a red square on a floor and dancing in the space she has constructed.

Choreographed by ChristyAnn Brown, the dance explores the architecture of the human body in relationship to this red square which has the dimensions of the leg length of the dancer. A sonic sound composition by Howard Elmer is heard. The surveillance monitor creates the immediate here and now of everyday pedestrian movement against the formal movement of a choreographed dance.