Christy Ann Brown

Pink Poli from ChristyAnn Brown on Vimeo.

This is the residue of an intermedia performance “Body Memory Table.”
Body Memory Table by Christy Ann Brown
An Interactive Installlation

40+40+40 0n a 4x4x4 performance platform
Live performance featuring Elaine Summers & Christy Ann Brown

Elaine Summers is now an ancient dancer in life, a choreographer whose imagination is always running away with her. She loves light, and the dance of life with all its wonders and enjoying other people’s imaginations. Her early pioneering work in the field of Intermedia explored new technologies and ways of integrating film/video, dance, visual art, and music in live performance.

The performance work of Christy Ann Brown has been shown at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Harvard University, The First Performance Studies Conference, The New York Fringe Festival, Movement Research (NYC), Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library (NYC), The Movement Salon (NYC), The Culture Project. She has been published in “Women and Performance.

The Soundscape is interactive.

Sound Design by Walter Froeschter
Max MSP Programming by Marlon Barrios-Solano
ELS Variations by LMB

Live video and music improvisation in reaction to films by Elaine Summers will be shown simultaneously on two of the four screens.

– ‘Iowa Blizzard’, 1973, 10 minutes 4 seconds
– ‘Two Girls Downtown Iowa’, 1973, 11 minutes 16 seconds
– ‘Walking Dance for Any #’, sections 3 and 4, 1968, approximately 20 mins.