Christy Ann Brown

Green Trees Through Concrete Exhibition at Artifact in New York City

GreenTreesThroughConcrete-Acrylic-16x20-1 by ChristyAnn Brown

My aboriginal mind in dialogue with green trees through concrete.
Branches dancing in the wind.

“Green Trees Through Concrete” is an interdisciplinary environmental performance event by six performers which took place at La Plaza Cultural, New York City, New York.

The performers Anne Basen, ChristyAnn Brown, Danial Berlfein, Christopher Pelham, Diana Wayburn, and Brad Will invited the audience to breathe with them in an endangered garden while they perform the landscape of their bodies. The performance proceded a benefit party for the New York City Garden Preservation Coalition highlighting the tenuous state of open, public, green space in New York City.

GreenTreesThroughConcrete from ChristyAnn Brown on Vimeo.

Green Trees Through Concrete Artwork by ChristyAnn Brown and Dirk Lee.

Green Trees Through Concrete Participants.