Christy Ann Brown

Dendritical, an Intermedia Performance by ChristyAnn Brown

Project Dendrite: A performance piece for hypertext
by ChristyAnn Brown, Copyright 2018

Performed by ChristyAnn Brown
Photography by: Benjamin Elmer
Technical Assistance: Carl Clark

Project Dendrite originally presented Dendritical in the summer of 2015 and has continued it’s evolution in festivals and venues all over the world. This adaption for hypertext will coincide with the Global Center for Advanced Studies Summer Institute. As a performance piece for print ChristyAnn Brown continues the genre Dr. Marianne Goldberg co-created. Be To Want I in which the screen is approached as a kind of stage. “Entering the text, readers as audience members are invited to involve their own memories.” – Marianne Goldberg

Dendritical Performing and Forming New Matrixes
Directions to the reader: Click on any icon outlined in red. Begin and end anywhere.

About the Author: ChristyAnn Brown worked extensively with Marianne Goldberg to develop original work. She performed in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park, Grand Central Station, The Fez Café as part of the Performance Studies Conference, The Culture Project, and The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Project Dendrite was first performed at the Gelato Art Salon, Brooklyn, NY. It has also been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Boulder Fringe Festival, United Solo in New York City and at the Performing Arts Forum, Saint Erme, France.

Project Dendrite: An Intermedia Event: (Per)forming New Matrixes
“The reader is invited to click on any of the icons on the title page. Choosing an icon by visual, kinetic, or linguistic impetus or by blending these three forms of experience.”

Dancing on a Pathway of Arteries: Examining the physical and metaphorical condition of the human heart as told by the Narrator. The Narrator examines how the self is perceived vie the dendrites if the internet, screens, cameras and audience members.

Thanks to everyone who attended my recent Dendritical performances. Check back for updates on future performances. If you’d like to see more on the evolution of this piece please visit my Dendritical – The Evolution page.