Christy Ann Brown


The Dendritical and the Dinosaur: Dancing on a pathway of arteries: examining the physical and metaphorical heart condition of the human heart as told by The Narrator. The Narrator examines how the self is perceived via the dendrites of the internet, screens, cameras and guest performers.

“What I as narrator or author calls the present is actually a slight fraction of a second later than it happened – due to neural distances and processing time.”

Boulder Fringe Festival
Pine Street Church (Community Room)
1237 Pine St, Boulder, CO 80302
Medium Venue
Boulder Fringe Website
Dates and Times: 
August 19th at 8:00pm
August 20th at 2:30pm
August 21st at 3:00pm
August 26th at 8:00pm
August 27th at 2:30pm


Dendritical: A special one night showing of this intermedia event.
The Crystal Theatre
Missoula, Montana

Dendritical: Dendritical is an intermedia event in spoken text, movement, and video. Dendritical Performing and forming new matrixes.
Edinburgh Festival Fringe Performance
The Surgeons Hall, Nicholson Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Festival Fringe Website

Duet for one: The ordinary miracle of pregnancy and the universality of the transformation of the female body is explored by choreographer Christy Ann Brown as she dances her “auto body-graphical” story. Composer Howard Elmer’s original live music for piano and violin accompanies this film in addition to the in utero heart beat of the choreographer’s passenger baby. The kinesthetic duet of mother and child creates the context for this film which can be summarized in the following statement: “My body knows and is teaching me the dance of birth. Everyone was once swimming in their mother’s womb.”

Be to want I: This is an autobiographical essay in word and gesture from the point of view of a 3-centimeter-tall, blue-eyed, red-haired ballerina doll. From inside a child’s imagination, the pink plastic-skinned miniature converses in “dollspeak,” a language of inversions. Christy Ann Brown performs the doll, the girl who keeps her, and the adult woman who remembers her Montana childhood. The plastic ballerina pops up everywhere…from standing on birthday cakes, lying in dresser drawers, and twirling round and round when girls open their jewelry boxes all across America. As a girl in Missoula, Christy Ann resisted identification with the ballerina image, declaring, “No, I didn’t tut” when dropped off at her local dance studio. She responded with perplexity to the balletic necessity to hold her body rigidly, while she wanted to run across native sapphired fields to exist vitally in dreams of a wilder movement life.

Red square one: A surveillance camera and monitor is positioned to pick up feet walking over a 5×5 ft. taped red square on the sidewalk. Beside it is a raw television monitor showing elegant dance footage of the “red square” which was performed in New York City. In this footage, the choreographed movement is of a dancer taping a red square on the floor and dancing in the space she has constructed. Choreographed by Christy Ann Brown, the dance explores the architecture of the human body in relationship to this red square, which has the dimensions of the leg length of the dancer. A sonic sound composition by Howard Elmer is heard. The surveillance monitor creates the immediate here and now of everyday pedestrian movement against the formal movement of a choreographed dance.

Maiden to mother →
2006 dance, film, sculpture, print translated into gallery installation
Duet for one →
2006 dance, film, sculpture, print translated into gallery installation

Dendritical at the Ediburgh Festival Fringe
Duet for one
Duet for one